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Repair & Alteration

Good quality bag and shoes deserve to be repaired. Repairs come in so many different varieties and degrees of damage.  Our master repair technicians are trained to analyze and repair any type of leather damage no matter how big or small. We always try to fix your bags and shoes to like new conditions.



Repair work can include the following:


Handbags / Luggage


  • Replace Zippers & Zipper heads

  • Fix rivets and buttons

  • Rips along the seams

  • Change handle strap

  • Change Lining

  • Belt/ Strap Alteration

  • Stitching

  • Tears on leather




  • Soles and Heels

  • Stretching

  • Raises

  • Wedges Fitting Sockets & T Straps

  • Boot Zipper

  • Shoe Stitching

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