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Calf Skin

It is very soft, pliable leather of top quality. It is particularly valuable because of its softness and smooth texture from calf skin. Cleanique ‘s  Leather Cleaner-A_P that suitable for all Leather types able to wipe away the excess dirt without removing the finish of the Leather

Coated Canvas

Similar to canvas, except that it has a glossy or matte plastic coating applied on it. This chemical coating on the canvas serve as a protection against soiling and water, however, the color transfer from denim dye or dark color garment to paten canvas is irreversible. In this respect, general cleaning including sterilization to remove soiling, dirt and bacteria at both interior and exterior of your designer articles is recommended.


Lamb Skin 

Lambskin has softer  touch and finer grain, more supple and nearly as durable. Lambskin leather are more elegant than their cowhide cousins. However, It is also a challenge when it comes to caring for it as it can easily tear, scuff or scratch. Therefore, it is important to use a high-quality  Leather Protector to waterproof your branded bag after cleaning .


Nylon is a synthetic man-made material which may be produced in sheet form or fibre form. It is strong, resistant to both abrasion chemicals. It is elastic, easy to wash and is quite lustrous. It returns easily to it's original shape and is non-absorbent. It is fast drying, resistant to some dyes. However, when it contacts with pen ink mark especially on Longchamp le Pliage series , the chance of the ink mark  remaining on the material is high if it left untreated over time. Therefore, make sure your pen is capped well and instant action to removing the ink mark is needed.  


Patent leather has a plastic coating on the surface of the leather. It has been given a high gloss, shiny or dull matt finish.

Dirt adhering to the coating can be removed with a damp cloth, using a mild detergent if needed. Minor scratches and scuff marks in the coating itself can be removed using special-purpose patent leather and poromeric cleaners . With wear and tear, patent leather will eventually lose its glossy finish, lacquired finish shall be used to restore its shiny color.



Suede is "fuzzy" on both sides. It  is less durable than top-grain. It is very soft and luxurious feeling. But the pitfall is hard to maintain as it absorbs water easily, can become dirty quickly. The color of suede might get faded due to friction over times .    So let  the professional to help you not only cleaning but also revive the color of your designer item .


This types of leather used commonly by Louis Vuitton; in handles and trimmings of bags or luggage . Its unique character is to develop a natural patina or to darken the natural leather gracefully in contact of air and sunlight exposure over times. The leather is left untreated and is therefore susceptible to water and oil stains. Vachetta leather get stains very easily and it is very hard to be cleaned. However, Cleanique's in-house Cleaning Formula manage to remove the stain effectively and restore its smoothness without losing its natural color. In addition, customer may require to restore its color when the leather is soiled heavily that losing its patina effect.

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