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Business Potential

Today’s life style is fast and hectic with people looking for more conveniences.
As the public has little knowledge of maintaining bags and shoes, our service of bags and shoes cleaning and coloring has become an integral part of their lives.

Also, the weather in this region is humid. It damages all types of leather bags and shoes easily. Our service is to remove bacteria which will improve customers’ personal hygiene. This will also help their bags and shoes last longer.

Like laundry, shoes and bags are widely used. This translates to a huge market with a great potential to expand exponentially over a short time. This is very unique business opportunity and potential market is huge in emerging market and developed countries.


Business model

  • high realized margins, improved cash flow

  • strategically positioned between vertical retailers and upper brands

  • wide consumer target group

  • high-quality products and service at value-for-money prices



  • franchise retail collection store  or  full professional lab and retail service

  • comprehensive service and training package

  • merchandise and space management system


We are looking for dedicated and dynamic individuals to be our business partner and to pursue and achieve the company’s Mission and Philosophy statement towards synergistic expansion. Please drop us an email or contact us for more enquiries.

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