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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we clean bag and shoe?

According to survey, our feet contain over 200,000 sweat glands that secrete sweat daily; causing moisture build-up in the shoes that made your feet smelly as bacteria has been germinated and grew in the shoes over times.

Likewise, fungi formations in bags are due to humidity and also dirt accumulation through constant usage. The formation of fungus happens most serious in South East Asia. Over time, this will lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi. Such bacteria are harmful to your health. Therefore, sterilizing and cleaning your bags and shoes are essential to protect you and your family from harmful micro-organisms. With proper care and cleaning of your bag and shoe, it may able to prolong the lifespan of the beloved item.


2. How often should I clean my bags and shoes?

The frequency of cleaning is subjected to humidity, frequency of usage and the condition of the environment.

Ideally, we should clean bag and shoe monthly as they are the item most constantly exposed to dirt and closely contact with our skin. This regular cleaning required especially for those who always carry the same bag and shoe; who live in the country with high humidity; who travel or live in the city with polluted air and low visibility. You should also clean your bags and shoes instantly when they get stained. This is because some of the stains may degrade the leather and become permanent stain.

It is advisable to clean and moisturise your bag or shoe every 3 to 6 months minimally.


3. Will cleaning damage our brander bags and shoes?

Trained and experienced cleaning specialists understand that different material requires different cleaning solution and will apply it accordingly. Further, Cleanique is committed to using cleaning chemical which is specially formulated by certified laboratories who has been obtained the prestigious UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Certification in Europe.


4. What is the cleaning method that Cleanique adopts?

Cleanique adopts either wet or dry clean, or both methods for critical problem to ensure deep cleansing to be achieved. Wet cleaning is necessary for certain material and particular stain because this enables to remove the dirt and particle more effectively compared to dry clean. Our specialist shall assess the items and treat them individually.

5. Will dry clean method that Cleanique adopts is harmful to our health?

No. The dry clean method and solution used for bag and shoe is different from laundry chemical that commonly used. The chemical we used is water base instead of solvent.


6. Can all sorts of stain be removed completely?

Most stains can be removed through cleaning and color correction process. For certain stain such as pen ink, yellowish due to oxidation and glue stain occur on canvas, nylon and velvet material, that stain can be removed minimally. Further, the duration of stain remained on the material; pre-treated by inappropriate solution and method shall affect the cleaning result. To achieve satisfactory cleaning result, your information about the cause of stain is also helpful for Cleanique to apply different solution to remove the stain.


7. Other than cleaning, what are the exclusive services that Cleanique provides?

Cleanique’s strength is to restore the designed bags and shoes to the highest quality for consumer to re-carry their precious item. On top of stain removal, Cleanique also provides color restoration, reparation work, and other exclusive treatment. Please see Services for more detail.


8. How long will it take to restore my branded bags and shoes?

The condition of the material, types of stain and complexity of reparation may vary the completing time .On average, cleaning will take between 1 – 2weeks. While for coloring and repair, it may take about 2 – 10 weeks. On peak season, such as at the end of the year or Chinese New Year period, it may take more days to complete the job.


9. Why does it take months to color restore my bag?

All items are subjected to cleaning services and other detailing reparation work is required prior to colouring work. Preparation and finishing work consume a lot of times, for instance  mix and match color for getting Just Noticeable Difference color on each item, curing and dry up time  is needed to ensure the fresh color unites well with the leather. Multiple coating, re-fixation and post dyeing cleaning also take times to process it. This is very human intensive work and therefore it takes months to restoring color.


10. What is the charge for cleaning and restoring of my bag or shoe?

Service charge may vary subjected to the size, material and conditional of the item. We strongly advise you to bring the article for further assessment at any Cleanique outlet. Please see Price List for guidance.

11. Can we clean the branded bags or shoes by ourselves?

Cleanique encourages consumer to do simple maintenance by using appropriate leather product, for instance applying Mild Leather Cleaner & Moisturiser that may help to defer the formation of mould and prevent leather to become dried up. To prevent from damaging your bag, please read the product’s instruction carefully or consult to our staff for more information before applying it.


12. Will Cleanique’s cleaning product harmful to me?

No. As mentioned in Question 3, such solutions are meant for leather or canvas and they are friendly environmental formula. These are toxin free products that do not present the harmful chemicals and they are suitable for sensitive skin. However, we advise consumer who is allergy to certain ingredient should read the product’s content before using it.


13. Does Cleanique membership card enjoy same benefit at outlet overseas?

Currently, the benefit of membership card is only applicable for local outlet unless it is otherwise stated on the Card. 

14. Where are you located?

Please see Location to find out more information.

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